Tunbridge Wells Constitutional Club

April 2019

Thanks to all of you that attended our Annual General Meeting on Friday 22 March.  It was particularly pleasing that our President, Greg Clark, was able to attend despite his busy schedule and that this year's attendance was nearly 40% higher than last year .


With the retirement of Sheila Gillespie as Chairman we now have a vacancy for this position.  This is an important role in the Club and under rule 38, Committee will be looking to fill the position at the next Committee meeting which is on 18 April.  Please let us know as soon as possible if you wish your name to be put forward for this position. 


Many of you will have noticed that the large sweet chestnut tree near the exit of the car park is dead.  Plans to have the tree cut down have now been approved by the council and the tree will be cut down and removed shortly.  We hope that  any disruption will be minimal as most of the work will be done from the neighbouring property.


It is also an opportune time to remind members about our meeting room facilities upstairs.  If you are involved in a society or group that needs a meeting venue then the Club could be the ideal place.  We have recently installed an extra handrail on the staircase which makes for easier access.


Finally , we have a large collection of 2019 membership cards behind the bar so please remember to collect yours when you next visit the Club.