Tunbridge Wells Constitutional Club

November 2019

I am very pleased to announce our opening hours and food serving times will be extended starting from Monday 11 November.  The Club will now remain open throughout the weekday afternoons; lunchtime food will be available to order until 2:30pm; evening food service will start earlier at 6:00pm and our usual menu will be available on Saturday non-function evenings.


Moving on to a couple of points of general note.  First it has always been our policy that any commercial vehicles should be parked in the side car park and I would ask all members with such vehicles to ensure that this is complied with.  Second, the subject of vaping has been mentioned of late and although we do not have any restrictions on this, we would ask all members who vape to do so with due consideration for the comfort  of other members and guests.

Also a reminder about the issue of bad language as there has been a growing concern regarding members swearing whilst in the Club and we would request those responsible to moderate their language. We would add that Rule 55 clearly states that swearing is not permitted on the premises and potentially evokes Rule 30 whereby offenders may be barred from the Club.


Moving to the subject of membership renewals, a reminder that subscriptions will be due for renewal on 1 January and that the renewals process will be starting in early December.  A notice will be displayed advising you of the subscription rate for 2020 as soon as it has been decided at the November Committee meeting.    


On a final note, I am pleased to advise you that Naomi has now been taken on as a member of staff and we trust that you will all make her feel most welcome.