Tunbridge Wells Constitutional Club

November 2018

Many of you will have noticed some new signs in our car park which state that parking is for authorised vehicles only.  First I must apologise that these signs have actually been put up before the Bulletin was published informing members of the plan of action.  At the last Committee meeting it was agreed to have a trial of a parking system which is aimed at deterring those that are not members or guests from parking vehicles on our premises.  The system does not involve any outside contractors and will be fully controlled by the Club. It will start in January and the plan is to issue stickers to go in your car window as part of the membership renewal process.  More information will be made available when the all the details of how it will operate have been finalised.


Moving onto the membership renewals I should of course remind you that your subscription will be due for renewal on 1 January and this year we are aiming to start the renewals slightly earlier to make the process more manageable.  A notice will be displayed towards the end of the month advising you of the subscription rate for 2019 once it has been decided at the November Committee meeting.  As usual you will be able to pay by internet banking or of course by cash, card or cheque.