Tunbridge Wells Constitutional Club

February 2018

Thank you all for renewing your memberships.  I am pleased to report that we already have over 800 members which is an exteremly very good start to the year.

I am also pleased to report that our annual accounts have now been signed off and that the outcome is a good result.  During 2017 we had major expenditure on new furniture and other bar equipment and also a flooding to contend with.  Although the result is slightly down on the previous year the Club maintains its healthy financial position.  A full copy of the accounts is displayed on the noticeboard and there is also a copy behind the bar should you desire a more detailed read in comfort.

Having had to up most of our bar prices last month because of increases from our suppliers I should advise you that we also need to do so on our food in the next few weeks.  These will be modest increases and as always our aim is to provide good value to members.

This year our Annual General Meeting will be on Friday 23 March and the paperwork will start appearing on the notice boards towards the end of this month.  The meeting agenda together with the report and accounts will also be sent out to members a couple of weeks before the meeting date.  For those of you keen to become more involved in the running of the Club the deadline date for Committee nominations is scheduled to be Thursday 8 March.