Tunbridge Wells Constitutional Club

March 2018

Our Annual General Meeting takes place this year on Friday 23 March commencing at 8pm.  All the details of this including agenda, the annual report and financial statements together with a social committee report will be displayed on the notice board a week or so before the meeting. 


This year there is a ballot for Committee places and this will take place from Friday 16 March to Thursday 22 March.  Voting times are 1-2pm, 6:30-7:30pm and 9-10pm.

Only fully paid-up members are allowed to attend and participate in the AGM and the bar will be closed during the proceedings.  However all members who attend the AGM will be entitled to a free drink afterwards.

Finally a reminder to all members.  When you bring in guests to the Club (and you are very welcome to do so) you must make sure that you sign them in as it is a legal requirement.  Individual guests are only allowed in once per calendar month irrespective of who signs them in but if you have friends or family who are visiting then an exception is made.  The only time that there is any entry charge for guests is on a function evening when there is a £3 donation to social funds.  Also for those of you who have just joined, a six month period applies before you are allowed to propose or second potential new members.