Tunbridge Wells Constitutional Club

August 2019

I am pleased to announce that we have now introduced news updates by email which will provide members with an added source of information about what is happening at the Club.   If you haven’t received anything yet please email us at twellsconclub@btconnect.com.  If however for some reason you prefer not to receive these messages then you have the option to unsubscribe.


With our Sunday lunches becoming ever more popular, Committee has been considering whether Sunday 'nibbles' are still appropriate.  After a great amount of deliberation at our July meeting it was decided to discontinue the provision of a regular table of cheese, biscuits and the like. This is not to say that 'treats' will not appear on the bar from time to time.


Finally as we have now passed into the second half of the year, it is timely to remind you that new members can join at a reduced subscription rate of £18 for the remainder of the year plus the joining fee.  If you have family or friends thinking of joining now is an opportune time.