Tunbridge Wells Constitutional Club

September 2018

We are pleased to report that a major upgrade to our beer cellar equipment has just been installed.  This is aimed at improving the quality and reducing wastage for all the draught products apart from the real ales.  We hope that you will be pleased with the outcome.


We are also pleased to report that Pete Barden has now been engaged to carry out the upkeep of our garden and grounds and we wish him well in this role.


You will also see that the redecoration of the porch has now been completed and it now looks much improved.  Whilst the scaffolding was erected it was an opportune time to install replacement windows in the ladies toilet.  This means that there are now only a couple of the old windows left to replace.  As part of the works we also redecorated the exterior of the doorway in the back bar which was in need of attention.  Our thanks to the members of the house committee for organising this.


Finally we can confirm that the Club will be open as usual at lunchtime on Christmas Day and that we are also planning to have a Christmas lunch this year.  As in previous years there will be limited numbers and at this point in time it will be offered to members only.  A notice will be displayed giving the menu and prices will be put up in the near future.  Our traditional pre-Christmas lunches will take place as usual in the week or so beforehand.