Tunbridge Wells Constitutional Club

September 2017

By the time you read this edition the new flooring in the snooker rooms should be nearing completion and the areas almost restored back to normal.  Our apologies for the lack of snooker facilities during the week, however this was the only practical way of carrying out the required works.  When the tables are back in use you will be pleased to find that the match table has a new cloth and table 3 has also been recovered.

As mentioned last month our new furniture is on order and delivery is expected sometime in October.  When we have the exact date we will put up a notice.  The arrival of the furniture will create a day of great upheaval as all the bench seating is also being replaced as well as the chairs and tables.  In view of this it has been decided not to open the Club for the normal lunchtime session on that day.  We will, of course, endeavour to give you plenty of notice regarding the scheduled delivery date.

Obviously, with all the new furniture we will have a stock of chairs and tables surplus to our needs.  If any member would like any of the furniture please let me know prior to the changeover date.

Finally I can confirm that this year the Club will be open at lunchtime as usual on Christmas Day but there will not be a Christmas lunch as we agreed to do this on alternate years.  Our traditional pre-Christmas lunches will take place as normal in the week or so beforehand.