Tunbridge Wells Constitutional Club

July 2019

With 65 new members have joined so far this year it is timely to mention that members are welcome to hold their personal celebrations at the Club, subject of course to availability of your required date.  We can lay on food for the occasion and you can arrange entertainment to suit your taste.  The only proviso is that you do not have exclusive use of the Club and that members can still use the premises.


Also a reminder that when you bring guests to the Club do ensure that you sign them in as it is a legal requirement under our licence.  Individual guests are allowed in once per calendar month irrespective of who signs them in but if you have friends or family who are visiting then an exception is usually made.  Guests are only charged entry on function evenings when a £5 per head donation is required to social funds.  


We have now reached the half-way point of the year and I am pleased to report that our income is up on last year and that we are trading at a surplus.  My thanks to Ray and all the staff for their consistent hard work and to members for making good use of your Club’s facilities.