Tunbridge Wells Constitutional Club

October 2018

First, I need to rind you of the Club’s dress code.  It is not at all onerous; smart casual wear is all that is generally required of you and your invited guests.  There are certain events when other forms of attire are requested and we ask you to ensure that everyone in your party makes the effort to dress accordingly.  Do remember that dirty work clothes, singlets and t-shirts with garish writing are not regarded as being appropriate at any time.   Furthermore, now that the summer months are behind us, the wearing of shorts is no loner acceptable.


Also, a general reminder for members that when you bring in guests to the Club please make sure that you sign them in as it is a legal requirement under our licence.  Do be aware that individual guests are only allowed to attend once per calendar month irrespective of who signs them in but an exception is made for visiting friends or family.  There is no charge for guests apart from a function evening when a donation to social funds applies.  This has stood at £3 for several years but has now been increased to £5.  Moreover for those of you who have just joined, a six month period does apply before you are allowed to propose or second potential new members.


On a final note, we are now into the last quarter of the year and I can report that we are trading at a small surplus over the year to date.  My thanks to Ray and all the staff for their hard work and to members for making good use of your Club.