Tunbridge Wells Constitutional Club

Personal Functions


Any member of the Club may use the Club premises, subject to Committee approval and availabiluty, for their own personal function.


It is not possible, however, to ‘book’ the lounge bars for exclusive use since Club members are entitled to use the Club premises when it is open.


A donation of £25.00 is made at the time of booking to help fund extra costs associated with the function.


How to make your application

  1. You should first check with the Steward to see if the date that you have in mind is available.
  2. If the date is free you should fill in a form and send it to the Secretary requesting Committee’s permission to hold the function. The Secretary will bring your letter before the next Committee Meeting. The Committee usually meets on the third Thursday of each month.
  3. The Committee will need to know:

               a) The proposed date of your function
               b) Its nature (i.e.retirement/birthday party, golden wedding etc)
               c) Roughly how many guests will be present (for staffing purposes)
               d) Whether you intend to provide entertainment and if so what type

                   (i.e. band, disco etc)


If you would like us to provide catering for your event please
contact the Steward to discuss your requirements and he will confirm the menu and price.


A week or so before the Function

You should liaise with the Steward about times when your guests are likely to arrive and any arrangements needed for the set-up of your entertainment.


On the night of your function

You must provide the Steward with a complete list of your adult guests (maximum 80) with names and addresses and signed by yourself as sponsor. This is a legal requirement.


Children are classed as those under the age of 14. They must be supervised at all times.


Young persons (14-17) may use any part of the bars but must also be supervised. Children and Young Persons will not be served with alcoholic drinks and are not allowed to use the fruit machines.


Your Guests

You should inform your guests of the Club’s dress code and endeavour to see that it is observed. The law requires that all guests must have left the premises by half an hour after closing time. You should advise them of this in case they wish to book taxis.

Almost invariably guests behave with due propriety and respect while on Club premises. However, in the unlikely event of drunkenness, offensive language or other bad behaviour, the Steward has the absolute right to require the guest in question to leave the premises.


If you have any further queries regarding personal celebrations please contact the Secretary on 01892 523787 or by email.