Tunbridge Wells Constitutional Club




The minimum age for membership of the Club is 18.  You must have been a member for six months before you can propose or second a prospective new member.



A copy of the rules is displayed on the notice board.  Members should familiarise themselves with the rules.


Subscriptions are due on 1st January and must be paid by the end of the month otherwise membership lapses and it is necessary to rejoin. The rate for 2021 is £38.  Five percent of the subscription is sent as a donation to The Conservative Association. 



The club is affiliated to the Association of Conservative Clubs. Cards enabling members to visit any other affiliated clubs are available at the bar and cost £2.50. 


Members may bring guests into the Club but they must be signed in. The same guest may not come in more than once in any calendar month. Please note that wives, partners, etc (unless themselves members) count as guests. There is a small donation required on function nights for guests.


Trips & Outings

Trips and outings are regularly arranged for Club members and guests to take part in.



The Annual General Meeting takes place towards the end of March when Officers and committee are elected. You must have been a member for at least a year to be able to stand for office.


Dress Code

Members are requested to dress smartly. Details of the Club dress code are posted on the notice board.


Children (under 14) and Young persons (14-17)

Children and young persons may be brought into the Club. Children (under 14) must be under parental control at all times and may use the rear lounge only, except on special functions. Young person (14-17) may use the lounge areas and snooker rooms provided that they are supervised and conform to the Club rules, including dress code.



The Club welcomes constructive suggestions and the is a box near the main entrance for these. Alternatively the Secretary or any Committee member will be pleased to discuss these.